Hi! Did you know I make software?
Image viewer
A simple yet robust image viewer designed to help artists and developers view their reference images while they work. Features include being able to stay on top of other windows, color picking, basic image manipulation, screenshotting and a few more.
Visual novel engine
A custom from-scratch visual novel engine made with Electron. Features include saving/loading with previews, divergent story paths with choices that matter, multiple character scenes, localization and more.
Bot bootstrapper
A toolkit designed to help you control and boostrap your Discord bots pre-production. Features included text and voice chat, bot statistics, moderation, changing details, configs and message presets and more.
Code editor
A Codemirror-based text editor for code, packed into an Electron instance to be used on the desktop. Features included file saving/loading, themes, tabs, styles, and more.
Ukrtech Utilities
Project manager
A full-featured project manager for deploying and maintaining a custom CMS. Features included server and database management, robust file configuration and automatic project control.